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Alise Hatt is a country girl through and through. She was born and raised in the Yarra Valley. Some of you may already recongnise Alise through her previous job as a real estate agent but many of you may not no know that Alise is the owner of a wonderful new business in the Yarra Valley called Creek Side Candle Co.

Alise started making her own candles in late 2019. Her interest in making candles came about after she had previously spent a lot of money on expensive glass house candles to decorate her and her parents homes for sale. Being a real estate agent at the time, she knew of the importance of burning candles at open inspection to create a lovely atmosphere for the buyers.

Alise also has a lot of allergies and found that a lot of the candles she purchased set off her allergies. Through her own research Alise found that many candles contained paraffins and other chemicals that could have potential health issues. This was also an important factor for Alise when she was making up her own candles.

Alise did a lot of research and experimenting before she managed to successfully make a candle. “There was a lot of trail and error. It’s quite technical and requires you to be very precise” Alise said. Alise found she actually really enjoyed the process of candle making and started selling them to friends and family.

She was still working full time as a real estate agent at the time but in mid 2020 she decided to resign from her job as a real estate agent after being in the industry for 9 years. She was keen to get her weekends back to attend country events and spend more time enjoying life.

Resigning from full time work gave her time to turn her hobby into a business. When she decided to start a business her main objective was to provide high quality, beautifully fragrant candles at an affordable price. “They had to smell great” Alise said. Alise named her business Creek Side Candle Co after the family’s property in Wesburn.

Alise puts a lot of emphases on the aesthetics and safety of her candles. Alise has carefully selected her beautiful glassware that she uses as vessels to produce her candles in. Alise also sources professional glassware that has been heat tested to insure her candles are safe for her customers.

Creek Side Candle’s range includes 9 of Alise’s favourite scents. They all smell amazing, are low allergenic and safe for pregnant women.

Alise had initially planned to sell her candles at local craft markets this year but COVID hit which of course effectively stopped all markets for many months. Instead she has created a website to sell her beautifully handmade range of candles through.

Alise’s range includes tea lights, different sized glass candles, melts and car diffusers. All of Alise’s candles are high quality and are hand made with care.

Alise also makes up beautiful hampers which she makes to order. “I can tailor a hamper to suit anyone’s budget” Alise said. Alise also offers Sauve Soaps in her hamper options. Sauve Soaps is located in the Yarra Valley and produce high quality goat soap free from palm oil and are vegan friendly.

If you would like to view Alise’s range of candles then please go to her website Creek Side Candle Co. You can order direct from her website or Alise is happy for you to pick up from her house. If you would like to contact Alise her number is 0427 766 461.

Alise will be attending her first market later on this month. She will be at the Wilde & Free Artisan Market in Olinda on Sat the 28th / Sun 29th. She would love you drop by and take a look at her stall at the market if you are there. Alise is also hoping to get her candle range into a few local shops. If you are interested in helping Alise out then please give her a call to discuss this with her.

Alise will have a stall at the Wilde & Free Artisan Market

We all know that it’s very hard to get a business off the ground and during a pandemic it’s almost impossible, so we just wanted to support Alise in her new venture.

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