Volunteer Focus – Nina Hellicar

Nina is one of the many volunteers that help at Koha, and has been involved since it’s inception. She was homeless when she moved to the Valley with her 3 children and the project was a vital community connection for her and her family.

Koha was just starting up and Nina was doing an aged care course and Suyin happened to be her communications teacher. They got talking about Koha and Nina was very interested as she had always loved the idea of being part of something like Lentil as Anything.

Nina was keen to be part of Koha, but she recognized that her daughter, who was struggling at high school, also needed to make some new connections so she suggested she volunteer. She did and they both have played a major role in Koha’s ultimate success.

Her daughter volunteered for many years, was the volunteer coordinator and even traveled to Cambodia on behalf of Koha and helped build housing for those in need over there.

Like her daughter Nina is now the volunteer coordinator at Koha. She was also the chef for 5 years until recently but is taking a break from the demands of that role.

Koha is like family to Nina and most of her friends and connections are part of Koha. It is a wonderful place to make deep connections as Nina has found.

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