Spiritual Healing in the Yarra Valley

This week we had the pleasure of visiting Jennie de Vine at her healing centre called The Diamond Light Healing and Workshop Centre in Warburton in the foothills of Mt Donna Buang. We spoke to Jennie about her vision to provide spiritual healing services in the Yarra Valley at the Diamond Light Healing Centre.

The centre has such a calm and serene atmosphere that you can’t help but feel relaxed and supported as you walk through the doors. Jennie has put so much effort and love into setting up her healing centre, which opened in Nov 2018. Her passion can be felt throughout the whole property, from the abundant flowering gardens, to the nurturing healing rooms. These rooms are filled with love, beautiful artwork and inspiring objects.

Jennie’s Spiritual Journey

Jennie’s spiritual journey started when she was 22 whilst reading a book by Edgar Cayce who is a well known clairvoyant. He set up a spiritual hospital in America, with many different types of healing modalities. Jennie was inspired, and knew she would be doing something similar one day.

Throughout her life the feeling and vision of her healing centre grew and has now become The Diamond Light Healing and Workshop Centre.

Jennie has walked her own healing journey recovering from Chronic Fatigue which struck her down in 2002. She suffered debilitating symptoms for 7 years before finally healing herself, managing the symptoms throughout the years with many different modalities.  

It was through her own healing journey, that she learnt many techniques to help others heal themselves too. The most profound shifts in her health came from Process Work, which is identifying the emotions in your body and allowing yourself to become whole again.

After her recovery from chronic fatigue, Jennie became a Reiki Master in 2012.  She is trained in Sekhem, an ancient Egyptian healing technique, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has Anthroposophical counselling skills as well as her Rudolf Steiner based approach to raising her four children.

Jennie offers Sacred Healing Sessions, Intuitive Readings, facilitates Meditations, Conscious Women’s Events, Workshops, Reiki Training and much more…

Jennie is such a warm, loving and giving lady, who always leaves you feeling better.

Jennie’s Vision

Jennies Vision for the centre is to build up a community and have more people to come to the groups, workshops and to see the place grow and help more people heal and find the path to well being and growth. “Loving every facet of yourself” is the motto, and helping people connect to their heart centre and divine feminine to heal and awaken the path to well being and growth is the centre’s mission.

In her sessions, Jennie utilises her intuition to accesses her knowledge along with universal wisdom to bring healing to clients. She provides a safe space for you to share and release emotions, allowing you to feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

She believes that focusing on the mother, assisting her to become calm and centred, then ripples out to the family, community, society and ultimately the world.

Jennie is passionate about bringing Healing Retreats to individuals and groups, and focussing on Conscious Women’s Events.

Another new and exciting vision for the centre is to create a community garden for women by offering work in the garden in exchange for services.

Today the centre has many gifted and highly skilled practitioners who will be on hand at our open day to discuss your needs and offer samples of their work.

Jennie’s vision for the centre is to build a thriving conscious community, with retreats, workshops and special events. Loving every facet of yourself” is the motto, assisting people to connect with their heart and divine feminine qualities.

Practitioners at the Center

  • Jennie de Vine – Reiki, Sekhem, Sacred healing sessions and intutive crystals and reading Ph: 0438 706 135
  • Rebecca Croydon – Individual Sound healings and group sound baths and Soul Regression Therapy Ph: 0449 810 015
  • Andrea – offers Forensic Healing Ph: 0403 337 490
  • Vicki – offers Intuitive Healer Ph: 0430 126 064

The Diamond Light Healing Centre is located at 2B Louis Ave, Warburton, Victoria, 3799 approximately 1.5 hours drive east of Melbourne.

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