Mindfulness in the Yarra Valley

In western countries, particularly in the cities, people now live in a world of constant stimulation. We all now do two things at once as a normal mode of operating. Check and send emails while cooking dinner or watching youtube is now standard practice and because humans are such cleaver creatures we are able to marvel at our selves while doing so. But all this stimulation is also coming at a cost.

Now even if you live in a rural area, chances are you have access to reasonably good internet and a constant stream of on demand content to tempt you away from a connected state of being.

Like all creatures humans are designed to perceive their conscious reality in real time. However, all of the thinking that we are now doing is replacing that real time experience with many thoughts, most of which are based in the past or in the future. The result is a consciousness that is rarely fully present in the moment. 

This is problematic as it reduces the time that you spend with yourself just feeling ok and connected to your body and your experience of reality. It’s incredibly difficult not to become so in love with your ego, because you spend so much time cultivating it, that you forget it’s just a figment of your imagination. A projection of your brain’s electrical activity.

There is another energy force that lives inside your body that you may not get to see or hear, because it is a state of being. Being requires the absence of excessive thought. How can you properly listen to your current stream of consciousness if you constantly stimulate your brain to think.

For Western Christian cultures modern life has delivered a double blow to our ability to connect to our state of being. Observance of prayer and visits to Church for Mass have been replaced with streaming music, audiobooks and games. So some people almost never spend time in quite observance.

But the state of being is making a comeback. It comes in the name of mindfulness, it even comes with the egos blessing since science is proving that it reduces stress. Just 10-15 minutes of mindfulness practice a day can significantly improve your mood and perspective. This can help you deal with situations better and be more content with your life.

The Yarra Valley has some very experienced wellbeing practitioners. Combining the immersive natural beauty of the area with mindfulness practices can also make your experiences more profound. Coming to the Yarra Valley during the week and learning what mindfulness means and how to practice it could be a life changing experience.

If you are struggling to achieve balance and wellness in your life then it might be worth checking out our wellbeing directory for a range of practitioners in the Yarra Valley that can assist you in your journey.

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